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Sunshine Coast Sunday Run

Sunday 19 March 2017, 09:00
by Paul LucasHits : 194

Our next run is on Sunday 19 March. This run will start with a BYO morning tea at La Balsa Park then continue onto Classic Ridz car restoration workshop.  Here we will meet Gerry Coppleman and Wayne Elgar who are first class restores.  They also have a staff of about a dozen men and every time I visit the place seems to have grown. Classic car restoration is a thriving business worldwide at present.  Their biggest problem is shortage of skilled workers.

The range of cars that pass through their workshop is amazing.  When I was there last, they had a hearse which had been originally built as a horse drawn vehicle in 1880.  The carriage was mounted onto a 1927 Hudson chassis and continued to run until 1960. When I first saw it in January this year it was a mess. The transformation has been amazing and I hope it will still be there when we visit on the 19th.

In the workshop there was also a 1959 Alfa Romeo, a couple of Jaguars, a 1948 Ford Ute which is being hot rodded and the usual collection of early Holden's and Falcons.

We will meet for a BYO morning tea at La Balsa Park Buddina at 0900 and depart for Classic Ridz Car Restoration workshop at 1030.   From there we will depart for our lunch at Bright Water Hotel at 1230. 

0900-  Meet at La Balsa Park 

1030 -  Depart La Balsa Park for Classic Ridz 

Return to Nicklin Way 

Turn left and follow to Waterview St.  [ 5th street on right next to Good Year]

At end of road turn left into Technology Drive. Classic Ridz is on the left near where there is a pole in the road. 

1230 Depart for Bright Water Hotel for lunch.

Continue to Technology Drive to first right Textile Ave.

Follow Textile Ave to T junction and turn right Main Drive

Follow Main Drive until it joins Kawana Way turn right.

Follow Kawana Way to the 4th round about and turn right to Bright Water Blv.

Follow Bright Water Blv. to end and Bright Water Hotel is on the right. There is underground parking under the Hotel.


We have booked tables on the deck so it should be a pleasant outlook.



Location : La Balsa Park Buddina 
Contact : RSVP to Lindsay Price Ph: 0414 622 781 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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